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“Dos Aguas was born out of love for nature and our culture…”

Dos Aguas stands out for being an inn that is committed to the welfare of those who visit us, and we have adopted sustainability as part of our philosophy, because we have considered the importance of designing a space that coexists with nature creating a positive impact on the environment; in addition to actively participate with the local community respectfully using resources and promoting economic and social development of the locality.
In Dos Aguas we want you to feel at home and enjoy an environment full of magic, energy, peace and at the same time you can disconnect to connect with your being; thus, finding the perfect balance between nature and your soul; being the family legacy that for the past 70 years we have wanted to transmit and continue to preserve and share with all those who visit us.
With a privileged location within the Espiritu Santo Natural Reserve in the municipality of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Dos Aguas is only minutes away from the emblematic El Yunque National Forest and San Juan; in addition, the Espiritu Santo and Rio Grande Rivers converge on its grounds, making this one of our greatest attractions since it is the only navigable river on the island.
We have five spacious rooms located on the second level of the property; all rooms are equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom with shower, yoga mat, clean sheets and towels. In addition, the house has different terraces, hammocks, newly remodeled equipped kitchen, WIFI, living room, outdoor picnic areas by the river, among other areas perfect for multiple activities, meditation or yoga.
Part of Dos Aguas' offerings include community yoga classes, wellness activities, private dinners, events to promote the talents of local artisans and artists, kayaks and equipment to navigate the river, among others.
Among Dos Aguas' sustainable practices are the use of eco-friendly cleaning materials, use of LED light bulbs throughout the property, fresh cooking ingredients produced by local farmers, recycled paper, organic shampoos and shower gels made by local artisans and other personal hygiene items.


Carla Arraiza

"At Dos Aguas we want you to feel the energy of my grandparents, my mom's vision and my passion for life."


o r  R S V P  w I t h  a  c a l l


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